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LEDsignboard Variable Message Signs (VMS) allows you to manage and control the messages, to provide information as circumstances change. This function is particularly useful during events and shows. As well as targeting specific categories or customers.


Create several messages and schedule them, even with your phone

LED Sign boards Variable Message Signs (VMS) is an advantage because you can plan your messages beforehand, smart marketing dictates a series of related messages, scheduled to display at appropriate times.

carYard Messages322With LED Sign boards Variable Message Signs (VMS) timing is everything, You will get a much better result promoting a series of lunch specials, from just before lunch, then in the late afternoon.

The ability to create dynamic variable messages at any time, managing them using your laptop, computer or even your phone means you can instantly make changes to meet changing circumstances.

In the case of take away food shops these LED Sign boards Variable Message Signs (VMS) are the best choice of marketing tools. Going to work in the morning, the sign would be promoting breakfast and some breakfast specials. At lunchtime, the sign would be scheduled to promoting lunches and some lunchtime specials. In the afternoon, the sign would be scheduled to promoting coffee and some cake specials.

All these messages just need to be setup and scheduled once and the LED Sign boards Variable Message Signs (VMS) does the rest.

Target a specific audience group, at particular times of the day. Displaying relevant advertisements at the appropriate time is a great way of creating a strong relationship with your target audience.

Nowadays an array of revolutionary mobile applications are available which gives you the power to update your LED sign content in a flick of a finger, no matter where you are. What you all need is an Internet connected mobile device to publish and update content.

Using LED Signboards Variable Message Signs (VMS) is an effective marketing strategy to stay in touch with your target customer group.

How to create LED signboard Variable Message Signs (VMS) even with your phone
  Login to manage your LED Sign Board Content.
  Plan and Type your messages
  Select from the colour palette
  Save the messages

How to run LED signboard Variable Message Signs (VMS) with your phone

 Schedule the messages to display each individual at the set time
 Your signs are now right to go
 Your target audience will now see your messages.

This function of LED sign board Variable Message Signs (VMS) is of great use when it comes to launching new products, during events and trade shows. You can easily update your products on the LED display Variable Message Signs with your handheld device in a hassle free manner.

LED signboard Variable message signs (VMS) are one of the best advertising forms with the best price and performance rates. These types of display boards give you a chance to generate more sales by converting viewers into potential buyers.

Also, they allow you to convey your message to the target audience from far distance. Now, when you are aware of creating and scheduling LED Variable Message Signs (VMS) through your phone, rent or hire an LED signboard and give your business a chance to grow by leaps and bounds!

The marketing advantage of hiring LED signboards Variable Message Signs

We know you will benefit from renting these cost effective trailer based signboards, we can help you to place these variable message signs in prominent locations for a more successful response to your marketing program.

you need to rent an LED signboard ? ... book one now, you don't want to miss out

Make sure you book as soon as you have decided on the date, missing out, means jeapordising your marketing and promotional program. 


Good marketing is vital to the success of any business. One of the more cost-effective marketing tools are the LED sign board Variable Message Signs (VMS).

Imagine having the Variable Message Signs (VMS) marketing advantage over your opposition, that is such an advantage that ‘it’s just not fair’.


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