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LEDsignboard Variable Message Signs (VMS) research shows Sliding text will attract more than seven times the attention of a static sign.

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Sliding messages attract 7 times the attention

When you go past variable message signs, the signboard message seems to immediately attract your attention. It’s very hard to ignore these colourful variable message signboards … you want to know what the next slide message holds.

Hiring LED signboards, particularly variable message signs (VNS) is smart marketing, because these colourful LED signboards attract more attention than static signboards. Tests have shown that sliding messages generally attract seven times more attention than a static sign. Even ten times the attention is not uncommon.
Smart Business owners are always looking for new ways to attract more customers. LED signboards are often the best choice of advertising tools and technologies to promote their products and services.

HireAtLEDsignboard promoteEventIf you have just started-up a new business and you are on a restricted budget, these LED variable message signboards are of great use as they can be placed in prominent locations, where people drive or walk past. The scrolling text of these sign boards are highly attractive, and seem to get the attention of passers-by that will lead them to your events, products and services.

One of the best advantages of installing LED signboards are they are visible from a distance, so they can be used to keep people informed about your products, events and services while waiting in long queues. Being a business owner, you may know that sales and special offers are what attract the customers most. So, it is important to update the information from time to time to get the attention of the people who are interested in your services. These LED variable message signs work 24/7 around the clock regardless of unfavourable climatic conditions such as heat, rain and dust.

Renting LED dynamic message signs (DMS) are a better way to grab attention as you can use a variety of colours, varying messages to make your electronic message eye catching and attractive.

Free tip … keep your message simple and concise so that the passers-by can easily understand your message. Go straight to the point and keep your message on repeat mode as it will help your customers to remember your event, promotion or services.

These tips will help you in realise the benefits of renting LED signboards. Rent or hire … book your signboard now … or as soon as you decide you on the date you need them … attract your target customers through eye-catching messages.

The marketing advantage of hiring LED signboards Variable Message Signs

We know you will benefit from renting these cost effective trailer based signboards, we can help you to place these variable message signs in prominent locations for a more successful response to your marketing program.

you need to rent an LED signboard ? ... book one now, you don't want to miss out

Make sure you book as soon as you have decided on the date, missing out, means jeapordising your marketing and promotional program. 


Good marketing is vital to the success of any business. One of the more cost-effective marketing tools are the LED sign board Variable Message Signs (VMS).

Imagine having the Variable Message Signs (VMS) marketing advantage over your opposition, that is such an advantage that ‘it’s just not fair’.


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